Too many bananas

Gary shrinivas was having a very bad day, nobody wanted the sweet ripe bananas he was growing on his farm.
not his family, not his neighbor, not his friends, not the traders, who could sell the bananas in faraway markets.
and not even his cows! no thank you they all said.

the bananas are very sweet but we have had too many, we cannot eat anymore! ring Gary’s Sreenivas what was he to do now with his rich harvest of bananas? he decided to seek help from the farmers center in the Daru a big town near his village.

off he went carrying the best crop of bananas, surely someone there would have a good idea for him, a few days later King Gary shrinivas returned home looking very happy, he went back to growing bananas on his farm but he did not offer the fruits to anyone anymore not to his family not to his neighbor not to his friends not to the traders who could sell the bananas in faraway markets and not even to his cows everyone became very curious where were all the bananas going?

one day, neighbor Shyvana arranged a very big pooja, the priest asked him to get hundred and eight right bananas as an offering to the gods.
she won our and to shrink every Sreenivas I’m sorry for saying no to you before but now I need 108 ripe bananas can you help me, please?
shrink eerie shrinivas tapped his chin well my crop has just been cut but let me see what I can do you may start your pooja I will surely come.

the pooja started, the whole village came to watch the priests began chanting soon it became time to offer bananas to the gods, just then, in came Sringeri shrinivas carrying a big bag, from the bag he carefully took out 27 packets and laid them out before the holy fire.
each packet was carefully wrapped in banana leaf on each one was written high-quality banana halva SS farms shrinky shrinivas offered one to the priests each one has a pulp of four bananas there are 27 packets, so here are your 108 ripe bananas!

the priest was so surprised that he forgot to chant in the silence one child began to laugh, soon the whole village was laughing and clapping. now we know what sring Gary Srinivas does with all the bananas that he grows.

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