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The greatest treasure in life

One day Peter found a treasure map. hooray! I’m going to find this treasure and have some adventure! he exclaimed Peter set off. he walked a long way and finally reached a forest. there he met lion. you are strong and courageous, said Peter To lion. will you come with me on a treasure hunt? lion agreed and joined Peter. the forest was dense and dark. Peter was afraid, but with lion by his side he made it through. when the two finally reached the mountain,
they met eagle. you have excellent vision and can alert us to dangers, said Peter to Eagle.
will you come with us? we’re looking for a treasure! Eagle agreed and joined Peter and lion. the mountains were tall and craggy. lion slipped, but Peter was Swift enough to give him a hand and pull him up. eagle, with his sharp vision, watched every step they took. soon, they reached the valley below where they met sheep.

will you join us in our search for a treasure? Peter asked cheap. and keep us warm when it’s cold?
sheep agreed and joined Peter, lion and eagle. a cold wind swept across the endless meadow they all huddled against sheep who kept them warm and cozy. the four finally reached the desert where they met camel.

you are called the ship of the desert, said Peter to camel will you help us
get across and join the treasure hunt too? camel agreed. Peter lion and sheep mounted the camel and set off happily across the vast desert, with Eagle enjoying the spectacle from above.
camel began galloping and everybody cheered with excitement. crossing the desert on camel’s back was thrilling the five finally reached the ocean, where they met turtle.

can you help us cross the ocean? Peter asked turtle. we’re on a treasure hunt. turtle agreed and joined Peter lion Eagle sheep and camel. the rough waves almost drowned the party, but turtle skillfully transported them across. they met owl on the other side.

owl spoke from his ancient wisdom: congratulations, you have found the treasure. where is it they all exclaimed in surprise.
together you have passed the forest, climbed the mountains, dared the valley, braved the desert, and cross the ocean, you would never have done it without one another.
they all looked at each other and realized that al was right they had found friendship! indeed, they had found the greatest treasure ever.

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