Will you help me to do my homework Tia? tofu, it’s dinner time and you haven’t completed your homework yet? I hope you know that your teacher will be really angry.
I will do it after this cartoon Tia but please help me, so that I can finish it fast you have been watching TV all day you should get up and do your homework first my hand has been hurting
since morning I’m giving it some rest, also dear sister will you please get my bag and pencil box from the room. excuses and more excuses he should know his priorities right.

Oh No! there is my book? I can’t find it how does that forget it in school? what will I tell my teacher in school? you should be more responsible tofu you are a big boy now anyway complete the rest of your homework at least now and be more careful next time onwards.

so tofu, let me tell you a story, in a land far away lived a hardworking and kind trader, mostly, he traded insult he also had a horse that was very lazy and always avoided work the trader used him to carry sacks of salt from one town to the other.

here! let me load these sacks up and let’s go to the town across the river to sell this salt.
I am so tired today why do I have to work everyday!? I wish I could sleep throughout the day but no I have to carry these loads of salt and move!
come on horse, start walking cross that bridge until then I’ll pack some food for myself.

the horse was crossing the river suddenly, he slipped and fell into the water as he was carrying sacks of salt on his back the salt got wet and dissolved in the water.

so when the horse gotta the sucks on his back were lighter, the hast taught to himself wow this seems to be a good idea every time I dip in the river the salt would dissolve and my burden could be less I must try doing this more often! I hope master is not watching.
when the master reached the town to sell the salt it weighed just half of what he loaded thinking it might be his miscalculation he sold whatever salt was left and returned home with his horse.

the next morning, he again loaded his horse with the sacks of salt and started to pack his food the horse yet again, started walking before him and made it to the bridge “I must try the dipping trick again before master reaches here.”

the trader got really confused, as the sack started winged lesser every time the horse purposely started slipping into the water everyday so that the sacks became lighter.

one day, the trader followed the Hoss, and hid in the bushes, to his surprise, he noticed the horse new trick. oh! that’s so cunning.

I must teach this lazy Horse a lesson soon!
So, the following day, instead of salt, the trader filled the sacks with Cotton, and tied him to the horse back.
out of his new habit, the horse purposely fell into the river, oh no! no, what is happening today?!
what is going? wrong how are these sacks getting heavier! oh.. my back hurts. what!?

this time, as the sacks were filled with cotton it’s soft water and became heavier, the Hoss dipped again and again in water thinking to drain the salt off somehow but all went in vain, he somehow managed to get up and cross the bridge he sat on the ground, and panted as the sacks had cotton surely surely heavy.

the trader laughed at him and said horse I am your master, this is your work I work very hard and worship my work.
I don’t make excuses of fine tricks to fool others and avoid work, I must teach you to never repeat this and avoid your work.
the horse learned his lesson and never tried to avoid his work again.

what a wise trader, right tofu he taught the lazy husks a good lesson, come, let me give you the big bitter medicine for your hand but hey, I can see it’s totally fine now maybe you have forgotten about the pain.

Tia, I never had any pain I just wanted to sit and watch cartoons I was the lazy Horse today.
I am sorry Tia, I’m jolly about it about my teacher scolding me tomorrow. here, take your books tofu I also was the trader today I just wanted you to learn a lesson, now you should promise me that
you will always do your work and yes I will help you with your homework.
Oh, Thank You TIA please let’s finish my homework quickly I don’t want to be lazy at all.
I will always finish all my work before doing anything else I promise you that.

What do you think?

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