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monkey and the crocodile

monkey and the crocodile

Once upon a time in the middle of a dense forest, there was a mighty river. in that river there lived an old crocodile. he was not able to hunt anymore because he was weak and feeble. one day he was very hungry.
so he thought to himself. it is very difficult to go on land in hunt. to try catching some fishes in the river… I’m so hungry, when he tried to catch the fish the fish slipped out of his hands. drained and dejected, he decided to rest under a tree at the riverside.

A monkey was sitting on the branch of that tree eating berries. the crocodile saw the monkey and asked.
oh damn monkey! what are you eating? could you give me some of that please? I am very hungry. These are berries… they are very sweet. here you go! eat these…
ah yes, they are really very sweet. thank you my Savior, I was very hungry and you helped me. you are very kind. I would be grateful if I had a friend like you.

yes yes by not, we are friends now. I live on this street whenever you feel hungry you can always come here and I’ll give you the best berries I can find.

there after every day the crocodile would come by the tree and the monkeys would give him berries, they used to have a lot of fun together in this manner they had become very good friends sometimes the crocodile would come and play near the tree and sometimes the monkey would sit on the crocodiles back and go around the river.
Listen my friend, I would like my wife to have some of these berries. can you give me some? please!

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