there was a farmer named Gary one day he was working in his farm suddenly he found a pot full of gold in the field which was filled with gold coins a pot of gold I am so lucky Katie will be so happy when I show her but just as he thinks about Katie he feels a little scared, no no if I del Katie she will spread the news to the entire village, we found a pot of gold in our farm we found a pot of gold in our farm oh my god no no this should not happen but how will I hide this from Katie I cannot take this big pot all alone I will have to find a solution.

Gary then covered the pot with soil and reached home thinking about that matter today you’re home early I’m feeling hungry serve the food quickly Katie serve the food, but Gary was not focusing on eating Oh Katie I’m not hungry, I will go to the market that’s very strange just now you said you were hungry are you okay yes yes I’m fine I’ll be back late you have your dinner and go to sleep.

Gary then goes to the market he buys some fish and some cans of red color he goes to his farm with those things I should get to work down Gary now mixes the red color in water and waters the bomb with it and then he spreads the fish all over the farm, hmm no, it’s fine Dark Knight he reaches his home very late oh she’s asleep kitty kitty, get up Katie I have to tell you something, oh come fast Oh what happened you came very late today there is something come with me to the palm right now it’s late night let’s go in the morning, no kitty let’s go right now it has rained in our farm how is this possible it did not rain here sky is also clear oh dear that is the point it has rained only in her farm and that too not an ordinary rain it was read of fish there are plenty of fish in her farm which dropped from the sky first rain are you feeling okay I’m absolutely fine kitty now come with me.

with the lantern in their hand they both reached the farm, see Katie this wasn’t an ordinary rain it was raining red from the sky I have felt this water in the pot when Katie saw a fish all over the farm she was astonished she could see red spots here and there in the fun oh yes there are so many fishes spread here how did this happen this looks like a miracle let’s take the pot filled with water home but this is a secret and so don’t tell this to anyone why will I tell anyone with Katie’s help Gary brings home the pot filled with gold next morning before Katie wakes up Gary hid the pot in the courtyard of his home when Katie woke up she came to Gary asking about the pot listen where have you kept the port.

which portal the one we brought from a farm last night some of the neighbors here Katie talking they all come here and gather around asking her about the party portal which part did you find a pot of gold what is in the pot did you find a treasure, oh no no there is nothing of that kind she must have dreamed last night mm-hmm I haven’t dreamt anything why do you lie we brought a big pot last night from our farm yesterday night yes yesterday night you know yesterday drained very heavily in our farm but yesterday it did rain here that is the point it rained only in our farm Oh and that too was not an ordinary rain it rained red water from sky and you know plenty of fish also dropped from the sky on our farm.

the pot was filled with that red wat only and everybody started laughing when Katie said this fish is this really possible he has really gone mad sister, you must have had some dream come let’s go we’ve wasted our time train crazy women oh please stop, I’m telling the truth oh it really rained fish in our farm now you please say something I told you you must have had some dream now let it go kitty please serve the breakfast I’m getting late for the farm did I really trance last night looking at his wife going inside with a confused mind gary smiles secrets should remain secret otherwise why would we call it so.

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